Benefits of Creativity

Over the years as I have coordinated individuals to introduce the monthly character trait, I have lost track of the number of times someone made the comment that the trait they were introducing was one that was a struggle for them.  Now it’s my turn.  A couple of months ago when I committed to introducing and writing a blog for the character trait of creativity, I honestly didn’t give it a lot of thought.  I’ve given character introductions before, and I’ve written blogs over the years.  No big deal.  Then last week it hit me.  What do I know about creativity?

It’s not that I’ve never had a creative idea, but I know my mind, and my strengths are more in logic and sequencing.  My dad, for most of his career, was a computer programmer, and even though the only programming I’ve ever tried was a semester of BASICS in high school, it was enough exposure to know that what I call an “if/then” thought process, worked well for me.  If this occurs, then that will happen.

So back to creativity, for some, like me, creativity may not even seem essential.  A first thought might be, it’s nice for those who have it, but not necessarily something everyone would benefit from improving.

However, as I read about creativity and reflected on the benefits of creativity, the value and the impact of creativity became obvious.

For example…

Creativity was used to develop the app Angry Birds, and it was also used to develop apps that give non-communicative children a way to communicate.

Creativity was used to design the Porsche, and it was also used to design an ambulance.

Creativity was used to invent soda pop, and it was also used to develop penicillin.

Creativity is about looking at what is and thinking, dreaming, contemplating what could be.

Five key concepts for creativity…

  1. Think outside the box.  Or as we say at the City, think in other terms.  Put down electronic devices, and let your mind wander.  Look for inspiration everywhere.
  2. Benefits of CreativityTalk about it.  Share ideas with someone, spend time brainstorming.  Ask why and why not, questions feed inspiration.
  3. Refine your skills.  As you continue to learn new ideas will present themselves.
  4. Give it a try.  Don’t fear failure.  Turn mistakes into opportunities.
  5. Be willing to try again.  Perseverance and courage pay off.

Creativity can generate fun and enjoyment.  Creativity can make our surroundings and our world more comfortable or more beautiful.  Creativity can be used to improve processes and increase efficiency.  And creativity can be used to solve problems that do not currently have a solution.

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